Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Chromebooks in the Classroom Ideas

This is a site that has a ton of ideas for Chromebooks in the classroom.  Please know that not all of these sites have been vetted so if you want to use something, be sure to use the app request form.

Education Chrome App Store

Teachers, did you know that there is an Education Chrome App Store? 
The Education Store Apps are already Vetted by Google. Students cannot add these apps to their Chromebooks, but teachers can request apps to be added to specific Student Grade Levels (6-12), or School Chromebook Carts by buildings. 

How do I get there? 
First, go to the Chrome Web Store
Inline image 1
Second, scroll down to 'Categories' drop down and select 'Education'
Inline image 2
Inline image 3
Also, you can narrow down your choices, like 'Free' or 'Runs Offline'

Keep in mind that some Apps start Free and then have paid 'Premium Features.' Some have limited trials as well. You would need to find a funding source to add 'Premium Content.' 

Browse away, give a few apps a try this year!