Monday, September 19, 2016

myON Reader - (For Class newsletters)

Below is a letter that you may use to send home to parents with the student's Username and password on it.

To the Family
I want to tell you a little bit about myON and what your child will be doing while using this program.  myON is a personalized literacy program that includes thousands of books on the site. As a part of myON, your child will have access to a recommended book list that has been created based on his/her interests and reading ability.  Your child will have access to myON anywhere there is a wireless connection, and books can also be downloaded onto a tablet for your child to read when there is limited internet access.  myON will be able to track and measure your child’s reading growth over time.  During the school year, myON will provide embedded assessments for your child.  During the summer, the assessments will be turned off.  Your child will be able to choose what types of books they read based on their interests and reading level.  We encourage you to read with your child and have your child read to you.

Please go to the Eagle Lake Media Page and use the link to myON.

Below you will see the username and password for your child.

(Teacher, put username and password label here and delete this line.)