Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Using Sub Accounts

Please direct your guest teacher to use the Sub Account set up on your computer.  If you do not see that option, or you cannot log in using sub as the username and password, put in a helpdesk ticket to have that added.
You should drag your Notebook files, into the SHARED folder when you are logged in to your computer as yourself, so a guest can access them while logged in under the Sub Account.

OR you can create  your files in the sub account and they will find them when they access the sub account on your computer.
You can also set up your Internet browser with bookmarks and links for the guest teacher to use.

(Note:  Computers have been set to fall asleep after a certain amount of time.  Subs have been locked out of computers without teacher credentials.  Please DO NOT share your teacher log in information with subs.  See the other blog post for directions on how to adjust the sleep time.)

How can a sub access what they need?  If a sub needs to find files you’ve left for them in the SHARED folder:

Sub Login
  • sub login = sub, sub
    • To access sub documents:
    • Go to GO on your top menu
    • Go to >COMPUTER
    • Double click the hard drive icon
    • Go to USERS> SHARED
    • Choose the SHARED folder
    • Drag out whatever they need for the day.